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Own a tangible asset that has equity already built in it, keeps appreciating overtime, where you can build, use for recreation, or just hold to reap the appreciation benefits in the future. Buy land here. See our selection of properties throughout the entire USA and buy your next vacant land now.

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Our targeted and effective buying process allows us to offer you prices that beat the competition every time. Additionally, make use of our seller financing approach that will allow you to buy land that you never thought you could own. Whether is for building your next home, weekend or vacation retreat, use as a recreational playground, hunting grounds, own timber or as an investment vehicle, buying land is the right play,

Grow your estate now. Create a tangible legacy for your family. Invest on land and get proven appreciation predictability. Be sure to bookmark this site as our inventory constantly changes. Feel free to contact us if you don't see a property that you are interested in. Thanks for visiting and good luck with the land search.

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Grow your estate now at an affordable price and with affordable terms. Own solid, tangible and beautiful land. They are not making more of it and will always increase in value. You DON'T lose by buying land. We deal directly with the sellers in order to obtain the best possible price. Do the same and buy your land directly from us. You know that the use of agents will only increase your purchase price.

If you have any questions about any of our land for sale, gives us a call at 920-215-2270920-215-2270. We're glad to assist you in any way.

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Here are some of the many reasons so many people have bought from us

Price! We buy at discounted prices to offer you a price that beats them all

Can't pay all at once? Don't worry. We can offer affordable financing in most of our properties. You'll be surprised on how affordable it is

You don't want to travel to see the property? We will provide you with great details on the property and surroundings so you can make and informed decision

Effective and simple buying process. You buy directly from us. No agents involved.

Land is our specialty. We knwo what to look for and what we are selling

We can target specific markets if you have one or more in mind. Just talk to us

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Yasir is very easy to work with. He is very kind, courteous, patient, and understanding when situations do not go perfectly as planned - which is often the case in real estate transactions. He does a really good job of moving the sale forward and staying in constant contact with all parties involved with the transaction. I have been a principal in over 100 real estate transactions and can say from experience that Yasir's level of skill is uncommon in the real estate industry.

Ben Johnson Owner, Backroads Trading Company, LLC

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"I had been looking to buy land for some time and I was skeptical to contact real state representatives, but when I called Mr. Lillingston I felt very comfortable. He is an honest professional, and knowledgeable person. He was available for all the questions I encountered as he guided me on the process of acquiring land. He was a problem solver, and has a keen attention to detail. I was pleased to work with him. I definitely recommend him!"

- M. Renteria

Yasir answered all of my questions and waited for me to complete my due diligence. Great communication, detailed explanation of how the purchase will carry out. Great price too.

- N.K.

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Our company name is America RE LLC. We are a Wisconsin registered company. Feel free to ask us for registration information so you know we are a legit and established company. Thanks

- John Q. Public